nvtanswers - How do I install the NVT Phybridge PoLRE?
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How do I install the NVT Phybridge PoLRE?

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Mount the PoLRE in desired location. Unplug your legacy telephone system (digital phones and PBX) from the two-wire infrastructure that will be connected to the PoLRE. Warning: the PoLRE can damage legacy equipment if it is left connected. Connect AC cable and optional ground connection, turn on the PoLRE. Connect PoLRE Line Interfaces to the prepared Female RJ21 Connectors from the two-wire infrastructure. Connect the PoLRE GBE1 port directly to the IP PBX or selected Ethernet switch. Connect the PhyLink to the RJ11 connection at desired wall locations. Connect the chosen IP phone to the RJ45 port on the PhyLink. The chosen IP phones will register with the IP PBX. Use your new IP telephony system (or optional PC port from IP phone). The default PoLRE configuration is set up for the daisy chaining of the GBE ports. If you want to set up a redundant network topology for the PoLRE, please refer to the hardware manuals for configuration information. 



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