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How do I prepare to install the PoLRE switch?

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The PoLRE may be physically installed in the server room or telephone closet prior to use. Ensure the PoLRE will have adequate air flow. Connect Earth ground connection if required. An Earth ground connection is not normally required with the PhyLink, however when more than six PhyLinks that have multiple IP devices are connected (in daisy chained mode) to any single PoLRE, then that PoLRE requires an Earth ground connection. Before powering the PoLRE, ensure all legacy digital sets and legacy PBX equipment is disconnected from the two-wire infrastructure to be used. Prepare RJ21 female connection to the Line interface. You may be able to directly disconnect your RJ21 cable from your PBX line card to the PoLRE (all lines connected in single Amphenol cable bundle) or you may need to prepare a new separate RJ21 line bundle with selected lines punched down from the two-wire infrastructure.



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