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What is the CLEER24 switch solution?

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The CLEER24 switch is a Layer 2+ Ethernet data switch that provides a complete IP network over existing coaxial cable. This solution allows for a non-disruptive, rapid and straightforward way to deploy IP devices, such as IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC) applications. The CLEER24 and EC-10 switches come in either a 24 port managed switch (CLEER24) or a 10 port unmanaged switch (EC-10). It is a mandatory requirement to have one EC-Link, EC-Link+ or EC4 adapter for every active port on the CLEER24 or EC-10 switches. With the latest firmware, 5.3.1, the CLEER24 has the ability to transmit at 100BASE-T up to 3,000ft using RG11 cable and up to 6,000ft transmitting at 10BASE-T. The EC-Link+ is able to provide 30W if power is provided by the switch or up to 50W if a local power supply is used. 

               EC-Link                               CLEER24                                          EC 10                                              EC-Link+                               EC 4

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